Sustainably Work From Home

How to Sustainably Work From Home

Every single day, it seems, the world is getting more expensive.  Things like paying rent and making car payments or insurance premiums is not long as easy as it was back in the day.  A regular 9-5 job may not be enough to cover the bills and leave you with a little room to play, leaving you to consider the idea of how to make money at home to make ends meet.  Another situation is the you need work from home jobs to help you through a rough patch if you’re between jobs at the moment.  Regardless of what brought you here, we’re happy to see that you are looking for work form home jobs ideas.  We’ve got a wide selection of options for all sorts of freelance jobs and these will help you form a much better make money at home idea.  If you’re ready to learn how you can sustainable work from home without any sketchy options making you concerned about the time that you’re putting into them.

How do you work from home?

It seems like working from home is too good to be true for a lot of us.  Sure, the traditional 9-5 career path is something that you’ll want to consider, but it isn’t necessarily the only option out there.  Working from hoe sustainably has become much easier to do with the wide selection of online-based jobs available.  There are several types of positions to consider for at-home work:

  • Side hustles: When you have a part-time job, or a full-time job that doesn’t really meet your needs creatively, having side hustles to make ends meet and make you feel alive can be a great option. They can be one or two in the world of freelancing, or something more generic such as Airbnb.  The goal is to give you a bit of cash and make you feel like what you’re doing (and offering) matters. 
  • Multiple online jobs: If working a traditional full-time isn’t an option for you, then online jobs are definitely something to consider. While some will tell you that you can sustain yourself off of one platform, majority will tell you that it’s always good to have a few irons in the fire when it comes to starting out.  Once you decide which direction you want to do in long-term, just whittle down the list to the jobs that matter most to you.  This is great for those with disabilities, anxieties or living remotely that make traditional jobs in traditional workplaces out of the question. 
  • Just a little somethin’: Maybe you have a wonderful job that you love. Maybe you’re a student that needs just a little bit extra to make things work.  Maybe you just want to be doing something different.  Online jobs can certainly help in this regard, as they are intended to be scaleable based on your needs.  You can enjoy a few extra dollars a month, or scale it up to part-time (and then some) income.  The choice is yours.

Online-based jobs, and jobs in which you work from home, are intended to work however you want them to.  The goal is to, of course, make them work for you and your needs, whatever they may be.  No one is turned away at the door, so to speak.

What options are there?

  • Virtual assistant: No longer do we live in the times where a company has everything in-house (that is, every position needed in the company is hired as a staff member). More and more being to out-source to professionals from other companies or just professional consultants.  A virtual assistant is one of those great options that you can consider if you are someone who has past experience in data entry, receptionist duties, etc.  Both large and smaller, local companies are often looking for a virtual assistant — even if it’s just a few hours a week — allowing you to take on a few gigs and get some serious cash.  Most virtual assistant positions allow you to pick your own hourly rate (within reason) and availability.  Options: PeoplePerHour and Zirtual. 
  • Writer/Editor/Graphic Designer etc: You can insert any arts trade here. Whether you’re a writer, proofreader, editor, graphic designer, musician, photographer (and so on) there is a platform out there for you to host your own services and get people to order from you there.  There are some that are better than others in terms of rate of pay, but it’s really helpful to those who are looking to put their own natural and professionally honed skills to work.  This can be a simple as taking on a few freelance jobs a month, or you can make it as big as you want by transforming it into a true option with work form home jobs.  It’s nice to be able to scale it up or down.  Options: Freelancer and Fiverr. 
  • Online survey jobs: You’ve probably heard of these before and seen all sorts of options when you have typed in “work at home jobs ideas”. Sometimes they pan out, other times they don’t.  Sometimes they’re sketchy, but other times they are legit and just don’t make more than $20 a month, even when you put a lot of effort into them.  This is a frustrating part that doesn’t have to be part of online survey jobs.  When you go with some top tier options, however, you’ll find that you actually can make some money off of it.  The more experienced you are in terms of your brand breadth and knowledge, the more options you’ll have available to you.  Options: Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. 
  • Local courier: If you aren’t shy and love to zip around the city (or other central spot), a local courier would probably be a great option when you want to make money at home. Even though, technically, you’re not at home.  This is as simple as it sounds.  Sign up for a local courier app and fill in the details on your availability, space (size of packages) and other details as prompted.  These kinds of positions will obviously work better for you if you are in a more populated area, but if you live more in the country and have access to it, it could be a great way to beat the competition, too.  Options: Postmates and UberEats (or just Uber traditional). 
  • Cash-back Shopping: A lot of us buy stuff online, but now you can actually get cash back for your troubles. Using the right apps on your phone, you can gain cash back from groceries, clothing stores and more right from the comfort of your own home.  It can take a while to build up enough to consider it a decent amount, but it really does depend on how you want to go about it.  If you are someone who shops online a lot (especially in bulk), this is definitely a great idea to consider.  Options: Ebates and Drop. 
  • Rent out space in your home: Quickly growing in popularity due to its sheer convenience, renting out your home space is a great option for when you want to quite literally make money from your home. You can rent out a spare room or your house/flat when you aren’t there.  If you have a vacation planned for yourself, or just a trip overnight, consider relying on Airbnb to list your home, its availability, and its price.  It’s cheaper than a hotel for those who are travelling, but it’s a great way for you to honestly make a killing without having to invest a whole lot of time, other than to clean your home and take photos to list it, etc.  If you are someone who travel s a lot, or has an in-law suite that isn’t in use, this is a wonderful way to bring some money without the stress of a traditional job.  Option: Airbnb. 
  • Rent out your stuff: Along that same lines, you can also consider the idea of renting out your belongings to those who are in need. A unique make money at home idea, this involves you finding those belongings that are in great shape that you don’t want to sell, but could still use to earn a little cash.  You can then list those item along with their rental price and availability, and then see what people want and need from you.  Common options include baby gear, cameras, music players, bikes, etc.  Option: Fat Llama.

What are benefits from working at home?

  • You set the schedule: When you have a work from home job, you can set the schedule and choose just how you want to make it work for you. Maybe that’s evenings or weekends, or certain days of the week.  You are in charge of your schedule so that you can live your life on your own terms.  Don’t like working mornings?  You don’t have to.  Want to have every evening off with your family?  You can do that, too.  There is nothing stopping you from making your schedule your own when it comes to making money online.
  • You can change positions as needed/wanted: You don’t necessarily have to stick with one platform throughout your online job selection. Maybe you prefer another job (for example, you prefer being a visual assistant to being a freelance editor).  You can change at any time and, other than a potential loss in income while you shift, there are no consequences to making that change.  Nothing is set is stone and you remain in control of your position so that it can change as your preferences or interests change.  This is great for those who get bored easily, too. 
  • You are in charge of your skillset: Maybe you’re a professionally trained writer that also has professional training in photography. Both are high-end skills and you can use both to work from home.  Choose the one (or both) that makes you happy.  Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to use it to make money if you don’t want to.  Want to save your writing skills for your own creative adventures?  Rely on photography skills instead.  The goal is to make sure that you use what you’ve got to make money.  How you choose to do it is your own call. 
  • You can work from anywhere: If you are a traveller, have a family commitment, or just like to move around and work in different spots, making money online is a great option. You can get WiFi basically anywhere and you don’t need to rent space in an office or anything like you would with a traditional job.  You can simply enjoy working wherever you go and however much you like.  This can be a weight off your mind if you are someone who has a hard time planning out where they’re going to be for 3 months at a time.

Online jobs and home-based positions are certainly the way of the future, so get on board while you can and enjoy the financial security it’ll bring you as an added bonus.  You certainly won’t be disappointed, and you may even find your calling when you dedicate time and effort to finding the right platform, position, and hours.  Sometimes thinking outside the box is going to give you so many better, more sustainable options than anything inside the box can do.

Working from home is freeing, sustainable and worthwhile when you want to do something just a little bit different.  There is something out there for everyone, without question.  You can do it recreationally, part-time, as a side hustle, or even full-time if you really dedicate time and effort into designing the right combination of online jobs.  The goal is to pick the right avenue (or avenues) for you and your needs, and enjoy the rewards it’ll bring to your life and your pocketbook.

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